5.0 stars
Was there for our family from beginning to end and a great help to my wife and I. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone we know needing immigration counsel.
February 14, 2017

5.0 stars
Very professional and knowledgeable
My brother had some questions regarding I-485 denial based on his wife withdrawal. Elizabeth talked to us about the law and patiently explained our options. I would highly recommend her.
October 5, 2016

5.0 stars
My husband is from Central America and I am from the U.S. We were advised legally by 6 immigration attorneys (including two "wannabe" lawyers) before starting to work with Elizabeth in 2007. She has been everything the others were not. She cared about us as people first. Where others always insisted on starting proceedings right away to make a quick buck, she took our stakes are seriously as we did: If things didn't work out we risked being separated -- each stuck in our own countries -- for 10 years. She is very easy to get a hold of when you need her. She watches the political climate. She has an amazing big-picture view and always gives you the straight answer.
Elizabeth is an expert unlike any other: Caring, smart, and knows when to pull the trigger. She is exactly who we needed and we are forever grateful to her for her solid gold advice.
I referred a friend to her at one point in time. Her husband had come to the United States on a fiancee visa and he was going to have to return to his home country. The lawyer they were using said there was no way around it. After a half hour conversation with Elizabeth, they knew what to do to solve the problem and keep him here.
My friend's husband is now a citizen and my own husband is a permanent resident. Don't trust anyone else with your case!
April 5, 2016

5.0 stars
I am writing this comment to say a huge “thank you” to Elizabeth and let everyone know how fast she expedited my case. The main reason I am writing this is to let someone find her who might need a help because she is one of the best immigration lawyers I’ve ever had an experience with.
I had an interview for adjustment of status based on DV lottery on 3th of August, 2015. An immigration officer denied my case because I filed I-485 early (I had J-1 visa two years requirement and I was supposed to wait for a favorable recommendation of the Department of State). I was so desperate when I left the building, and I thought it was the end. I was told to find a good immigration lawyer who knew how to expedite the new I-485 I was supposed to refile. 
Elizabeth explained me every steps she was going to make, and I decided to hire her because for some reason I felt safe. A fee I paid her was fair and reasonable compared to what others asked me.
A long story short, she put everything together and send the files the next day. She contacted USCIS and got my J-1 visa waiver approved in two days. 
She is very professional and responsible, and she knows what she is doing. By the time I met her, I did not even have a hope to receive a green card. What she did, seemed impossible to me, and I am so thankful for all she has done for me. She did a great job and got my case approved in 11 days, and I am holding my green card now, right after 26 days I met her. I hope this will be helpful for someone who is in the same or worse situation than me. If so, I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who may need a help.
September 8, 2015
Ilia P.

5.0 stars
Excellent, knowledgeable, reliable and empathetic lawyer.
My company transferred me from Mexico 20 months ago, and she help me to get my TN visa in less than two months. Then she informed me of my possibilities and processed my L1 visa at the beginning of the year. Finally she processed immediately my green card and I received it the next year. 
During the whole time she kept in touch with me informing the progress of the process always in a warm and professional manner. 
I widely recommend her.
June 23, 2015

5.0 stars
Elizabeth was so delightful, pleasant and well informed of what to expect and what we needed for our case. we couldn't have done this without her and we thank her and her staff so very much!
May 16, 2015

5.0 stars
Elizabeth has helped me through multiple work visas and permanent residency application. She is always very responsive and truly demonstrates that she cares for her clients. She made sure she was available on the phone and email even to provide support when the processing center was backlogged and hence the process delayed. Her professional advice and words of encouragement have helped me sail through the process with a lot of strength and without any problems. Her eye for detail has ensured that I sail through the process without any unwanted problems. I have dealt with supposedly the best in the business at my previous work places and would recommend Elizabeth to everybody.
October 6, 2014

5.0 stars
Elizabeth has handled all of our immigration legal work for the last 20 years. This has included many H1b visas, several PERMs and E visas for top managers/owners. She is quite knowledgeable and has helped us many times as we explore various visa options. She is very available and easy to communicate with. On several occasions, we have imposed very short deadlines, which she has always met. I recommend her very highly.
October 1, 2014
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